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Somerset, Climbing and Caving

For the adventurous, get beyond the tourist show caves on a real expedition and you can try a spot of caving or rock climbing with Cheddar Extreme Rock Sport. Don't worry if you are new to these sports, these trips are designed for everyone including absolute beginners.

Cheddar caves offer a chance of a one and a half hour caving trip where you can explore sections of Gough's Cave beyond where the tourists can go and experience a taste of real caving! Climb and crawl into Mushroom and Sand Chambers, descend a 40-foot ladder and climb a rift. Traverse Bottomless Pit and slither through The Letterbox to return to Sand Chamber and then the way out. 'It's hard, it's dirty, it's fun!'

Learn the techniques for climbing a rock face and how to belay a climbing partner.

Choose from seven different climbing routes up the face of the cliff. How many can you conquer in one session?

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