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Why take a Self Guided Walking Holiday ?

The Rock at Roche, Mid Cornwall

About Our Walks

About Our Walks


Walk Free!

The concept is simple, even when your requirements are not - We organise everything for you, leaving you free to walk the trail without worrying about the arrangements.

Self-guided holidays give you the freedom to do this, to walk at your speed, to stop for breaks when you want and to explore the villages, towns and historical sights along the trail  - all at your own pace and under your control. For those with free spirit the satisfaction of planning, walking and finding your way independently should not be understated - it's all part of the adventure. We are walkers here too so we understand the real joy and satisfaction of discovering the trail for ourselves, finding our own way and experiencing the areas we pass through at our pace and under our own steam. 


Get Creative

People walk at different speeds, Some will want to explore off the trail, take rest days or visit attractions. Walkers want different types of accommodation to choose from, rest days in places that interest them and routes that allow them to explore and walk at a pace that works.

we will get as close as we can to your perfect walking holiday – Together we build up a picture of what you want before you book and then the most satisfying part of our job is trying to match it as closely as we can with a personal draft itinerary.

you will have your own walking advisor who will know the trail and the options and work with you from the start of your planning to your last step on the trail to make it "your walk....your way"


Complete a Journey, not a walk

Self-guided walking holidays let you walk on from one place to another, moving on to a new overnight location at the end of each day's walk. With new locations, new people and new places to eat every night you experience an ongoing journey as you work your way along the trail. This is the true pilgrimage approach, a return to the days long gone when the only way to cross the country was on foot through the day arriving at a new place of rest every night.


Travel Light

You walk and we carry. Just leave your bags every morning after breakfast and while you are out on the trail they will generally overtake you and be waiting in your next accommodation when you arrive – you can choose to carry your own pack if you wish but you will lose the feeling of freedom and mobility in having to take only what you need to get through the day


Discover and Encounter

We research and provide the best guidebook literature and maps available for each walk. This is supplemented by a detailed, day by day, individual trail itinerary for your specific booking. You are in control with all the information you need to find your accommodation, work out where to eat during the day and be aware of what to see (and what to avoid). You will also be clear about the mileages, the grade of walking and the likely times to complete each section. You are informed, prepared and ready to discover the trail on your terms. 


Relax and Recharge

As walkers we know how important it is to have a welcoming, clean and friendly place to rest at the end of a day’s walk. Our wide range of customers want everything from B&Bs, Inns, hostels and small hotels through to the best available luxury hotels. We cater for it all where it exists and this is why we work with you at the quote stage to find out what you want from your walk.

We are the only company operating these trips who will go through the accommodation options with you and provide you with full details and websites to look at before you book. Our competitors only let you have this after you have paid up by which time it’s too late if you don’t like the look of what you have signed up for! 

Getting to your holiday or short break

With your tailor-made itinerary, we will fit your walking holiday in with your wider plans and dates.


For information on how to reach the walking areas use our interactive travel map which shows the main air and ferry ports and train routes to the walking trails.

Then on the web pages for each walk you will find a "Travel" button giving a summary of options for arrival and departure from that particular route but in summary-


For those arriving by Public Transport:

We provide you with public transport information to and from the trails and help with advice on working out timetables, options and how to book cheap advance purchase tickets and reserve seats on the main routes which can save you a lot of time and trouble.


If coming by public transport then take a look at our range of Rail to Trail Walking Holidays. These allow you to arrive and depart by train at some of the best walking routes with no transfers required at all - its the easiest way to walk the trails ! Where this is not possible or where you prefer it, we can include Encounter Walking transfers from mainline rail, bus and airports to the trail and back at the end of your walk 


For those arriving by Car:

We will advise on using long stay parking options at one end of the trail and give details on taking public transport or private transfer options back to your car at the end of your walk


For more general information about travel to the region click here

A Summary of what Your Encounter Walking Holiday Includes

-  Tailor made planning of your individual itinerary to suit you, your availability and your ideal break

-  Choices of quality B&B/Inn/Hotel accommodation with full English Breakfast

-  Door to Door luggage transfers and transfers to and from the trail if required

-  Help and Assistance from your own walking advisor during your planning, booking and walking

-  Travel Information and support with making arrangements and working out options to get here

-  A detailed daily Itinerary covering accommodation, route info, refreshment options, things to see and more

-  A Map and Guidebook Pack including copies to keep of the best and most relevant guidebooks and maps

We are providing all our walkers with copies of this excellent guide to help answer questions about our walking holidays. Those booking onto them receive booklets with their maps and guidebooks but if you have general questions about how our holidays work day to day its work looking at it online for more info. There is lots of useful information if you have not walked in the UK or not been on a walking holiday before.

Click here or click on the image to view The Walkers Information Booklet now

We also have a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Click here and of course you are welcome to just contact us directly with any specific questions if you can't find the answers you need.

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