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A group of walkers on the South West Coast Path near Saint Agnes, Cornwall

Group Discounts

Group Discounts

As a 'walking group booking' you will benefit from...

Great Deals On Price

Because we work on an actual cost price for every walk we can pass on all the discounts to your walking group. Luggage transfer costs, admin charges, transfers to the trail etc. are all split between the number of people walking when we price your walk, so if there are more than 3 walkers then you will all benefit from significant price discounts.

With more of you to share costs, the more walkers there are then the cheaper it gets.


Better Choice Of Accommodation

Unlike competitors, we are independent and can deal with all the accommodation options along our walking trails. So whether your group wants basic B&B’s or luxury hotels we can build this in – even where some of the group want one thing and the rest want to stay close by but in something else.


One of the main problems in isolated areas is finding accommodation for walking groups at busy times. As the largest operator of walking holidays in the South West of England, with our contacts, experience and reputation we have the best chance of getting you all staying together, in the best places on the route.


No Surprises!

Remember too that by booking with Encounter Walking, we keep no secrets! You will be able to visit the websites of the accommodation we offer on your original quote - in other words before you commit to any booking.


This allows you and your group to review our suggestions, make changes, upgrades or request other options if need be - meaning no nasty surprises at the end of a long day's walk.


Less Organising

Organising a group walking trip can be hard work – we know as we do it every day! We take this work away from you and are happy to deal with the individual questions and queries from members of your group. 


Everyone walking can have access to our walking advisors expertise. 


We can also take individual payments from each walker in your group, saving you from the time of having to collect separate payments. We are also always happy to deal with things out of the ordinary, such as individual walkers within your group walking booking who only want to go part of the way, skip days or need to do something slightly different from the rest of you.


Group Transfers

As with all our customers, we will help advise on the best way for your group to travel to the region and we assist with information on booking trains, planes or buses. We can also source and book competitively priced transfers using our regular operators, to get your walking group to and from the trail - arranged for you and included in your overall price.


Once again, as a group of four or more, its the cost price of these transfers we use to work out your price. So the group will see discounts and special deals on the prices of much more than just the accommodation. If some of the group are arriving by car and need parking while others are on the train - no problem - we will build all this into your itinerary so everyone has the information and support they need.


All Route Options

Unlike other Walking Holidays companies, ALL our routes are open for group walks. Sure, some work better than others due to the available accommodation options, but we specialise in providing solutions and in getting you onto the walking route you want to walk. We like a challenge and with our experience and flexibility we can fit groups in (with a bit of work on our behalf) to whatever you want to do.


Remember Group Walking Holiday bookings don’t just benefit from a big discount in price but also a big reduction in your organising – you can help design and build your itinerary with our assistance but sit back and leave the organising and administration work to us!


With years of experience of planning and delivering group walking holidays for friends - talk to us about your next group walking holiday whether it's just two couples or a party of 15 from your local walking club. We specialise in getting groups onto the walking routes they want, when they want, usually where others have failed! In general we can deal easily with groups up to around 10 walkers with options for larger parties up to 20 -  See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on Group Sizes. 

With Encounter Walking a group booking discount will apply as soon as you become 'four or more' - so if you can get together with another couple you will find bigger discounts in your walking holiday price as well as the chance to share the experience with your friends.

Group Discounts For 'Four Or More' Walkers

Get a full and detailed quote  for your Walking Group with no obligation.

-  Email a quote request if you know the walk you want.

-  Visit our UK Walking Map to see the walking route options or to narrow down your search using the filters below the map.

Still not sure where to start? -  Then make use our expertise – it costs nothing to ask!  Email us now and tell us what your ideal group trip would be and how many of you there are. One of our advisors will come straight back with some walking route suggestions and links to more information to get your group walking holiday plans underway.

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