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Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge is the deepest river gorge in the southwest, the steep sided landform sculpted by the River Lyd. Explore and you will encounter lush woodlands, cascading waterfalls, and dramatic rock formations.

The highlight of any visit is the iconic Whitelady Waterfall, where the river plunges 30 metres into a deep basin, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. You can follow well-maintained walking paths and footbridges that provide access to the heart of the gorge and its rich plant and wildlife. The National Trust, which manages the site, has also created an informative visitor centre, ensuring that you can learn about the gorge's geological and natural history.

There is also a tearoom run by the National Trust.  Lydford Gorge is a serene and rejuvenating escape for nature enthusiasts and hikers, inviting you to immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Dartmoor.


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