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Hound Tor

​Perched atop a valley in the Dartmoor National Park lies the mysterious, eerie and deserted medieval village of Hound Tor (also known as Hundatora).

Excavated in the 1960s, historians now believe that the land around Hound Tor had been farmed since the Neolithic age, and by the time of the Norman Conquest the area was a big enough settlement to warrant an inclusion in the Domesday Book. Indeed, by 1086 it was home to 6 households, 7 cattle, 28 sheep, 18 goats, and was ruled by a certain ‘Lord Reginald’.

A visit here is a journey into the heart of Dartmoor’s rugged and mystical landscape. The iconic granite tors rise dramatically from the moorland, creating an otherworldly setting.  Houd Tor, in particular, boasts an eerie charm, with its weathered rock formations resembling a pack of howling hounds, hence its name.

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