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The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Visiting the Lost Gardens of Heligan is like stepping into a living breathing time capsule of Briths horticultural history. Nestled amidst a lush and leafy landscape. This 200 acre estate is a captivating blend of botanical wonders, historical intrigue and natural beauty. Heligan, which means ‘willow tree’ in Cornish, is a testament to the restorative power of nature.

The sheer diversity of the Gardens leads you from lush, subtropical jungle through to the meticulously manicured Italian Garden, via the incredible Mud Maid outdoor sculpture crafted from living plants, and hidden amongst the plants,  and Victorian Pleasure Grounds with rhododendron tunnels. A particular highlight id the picturesque walled garden, where Heligan grows its very own melons!

The incredible ‘Lost Valley’ at the heart of the garden’s crosses babbling brooks and hidden lakes, with an incredible rope bridge for those who dare. The captivating story of Halligan’s restoration adds depth to your exploration, as the gardens were rediscovered and reived I the 1990’s after decades of neglect. There ae informative displays and guided tours, and your visit here will be one of tranquillity.

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