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The Eden Project

Just a collection of plants then?! ...Try again!

"The Eighth wonder of the world....?"

"The living theatre of plants and people....?"


Don't dismiss the hype... for once its fully justified! You just cannot visit the Eden Project without being amazed at the sheer magnitude of it all. This incredible project is awesome from the moment you arrive on the rim of the former clay pit and gaze over the immense domed biomes.


With each biome big enough to hold the entire Tower of London, at first glance it looks like you have stumbled across an alien colony here on earth. The Eden Project is rightly top of most people's list of things to see in Cornwall and if you are walking along the coast path you should not miss the opportunity to visit. If you have visited before..... don't miss out on how Eden is evolving - no two visits will ever be the same. Different seasons bring completely new plants and panoramas. New and exciting projects, displays and events keep Eden a vibrant and ever-changing attraction. The Education Centre opened in September 2005 and plans are well underway for the new arid zone biome. From the wintertime ice festivals where you can skate on a rink under the biomes to the concerts, gigs and parties on the turfed arena in the summer there is always something on at Eden and you should never feel you've seen it all!


Highlights of Eden

The Eden Project was conceived in 1994 by Tim Smit, who was also responsible for recovering the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan and the project aims to visually present a story of man's dependence on plants. Constructed in a huge clay pit crater 60 meters deep, the Eden Project opened to the public on 17th March 2001 and by June 2001 the millionth visitor had passed through the gates. From the entrance to the attraction, gaze in awe at the spectacle in front of you. You can see it all laid before you, a stunning panorama of crops, flower beds and terraces surrounding vast Biomes, the largest Conservatories in the world.


Wandering through carved driftwood sculptures and blankets of flowers, the Outdoor Biome includes not only endangered and unusual plants from Cornwall but plantations of hemp, tea, hops and other flora from temperate parts of the world that share a similar climate to our own. The steeper slopes are designed to resemble areas such as the prairies and the terraces of Chile. Over 300,000 daffodil bulbs bloom from early March to May- bulb mania in all its glory.

The Humid Tropics Biome

The Humid Tropics Biome, is a steamy journey into the rainforests. Tall enough to accommodate trees from the tropical rainforests it will still take 50 years for the mahogany trees to reach the roof of this amazing dome. Inside, kept humid by its own integral waterfall and river, are over 1,000 weird and wonderful plant species from the likes of Malaysia, West Africa, South America and the Pacific Tropical Islands. In the controlled environment insects, butterflies and lizards patrol amongst palms and bananas, rubber trees, rice, cocoa, coffee, sugar, pineapples and bamboo.

The Warm Temperate Biome represents the Mediterranean regions, parts of California, Australia and South Africa. Plants in the Warm Temperate Biome include the tobaccos, maize, and cottons of the Americas with the grape vines, olives, peppers and lush fruits of the Mediterranean.

Other Eden

Eden is also about education, research and sustainability. Throughout the project the fab food and drink centres, gift shop and visitor facilities are committed to recycling, sustainable development and supporting local communities across the globe. Everywhere you go in Eden, you will find the references to the Global Community we live in along with evidence of the endless array of cultures and environments that this community represents.


Play your part in all this by visiting this fantastic monument to the world we live in, its diversity and its beauty, and continue on your way by bike or on foot for a truly sustainable and inspiring visit.


View The Eden Projects Webpage for the latest news and information

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