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​Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo

These two villages sit in a tranquil creek side paradise opposite each other on the east side of the River Yealm (or Yam). Shortened by the residents to plain ‘Newton and Noss’, a small ferry links the villages with each other and the west bank of the Yealm to complete the Noss Triangle.   The Yealm itself is a fine example of a “drowned river estuary” by virtue of its small river source but huge estuary, essentially the inland creek waters are the sea.


 The estuary is stunning, set in gentle wooded glades and inlets, a perfect harbour from the storms of the sea, this is an area beloved by the landscape artists who have come throughout the years to capture the sleepy creek side villages and pubs of this remote and unspoilt spot.  The heyday of the boatbuilding past here was as far back as the 14th century when the villages produced many ships used to lift the siege in Calais. Today it’s a popular spot, with modern leisure boats and an evening watching them gliding in and out of the waters is a pleasant foreground to the sunset. 


Those staying here will be able to join the locals at the waterside Ship Inn and munch on local mussels in wine as they watch the latest arrivals from sea sail right up the quay for a drink.  There are also several local shops, including a baker, butcher, post office and chemist. For those that fall in love with the place or are inspired to take to the waves there is a sailing school and boat hire available.

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