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Those who walk through Lizard during the day will spend the night in Cadgwith, a tiny, very pretty village of cottages huddled around the cove. Crab and lobster fishing is the main occupation, and wandering through pots, nets, ropes and flags, as well as watching the boats being winched up the beach at the end of the day gives you an appetite for the catch of the day, especially when eaten in the Cadgwith Cove Inn, where we have spent happy evenings with entertainment as diverse as the local Fishermen’s choir singing old songs of the sea, to heavy metal rock bands! 


The old trade of pilchard fishing is still very much in evidence, with the old cellars now housing a good restaurant. There was a lifeboat house here for a hundred years which saved 388 lives, and this is now the home of the Cadgwith Pilot Gig Club who are out practising most evenings during the summer. Have a look inside to get a taste of the history of the cove including a board listing all the operations of the old lifeboat.

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