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Sennen Cove & Whitesand Bay

With St Just claiming the most westerly town title, Sennen Cove is without doubt mainland Britain’s most westerly village. More like a bay than a cove as such, Sennen is sheltered by the headland of Pedn-men-du and tucked away in the southern corner of Whitesand Bay,  where the golden sands run for over a mile back towards Cape Cornwall. A popular tourist destination for both swimmers and sun seekers, but most of all a legendry Mecca for the surfing community which has been coming here since the 1960’s for the Atlantic’s fine waves and rollers.


This has led to Sennen’s reputation as a laid back and friendly spot with good facilities for a place which is barely a few dozen houses deep. A fine beach restaurant, a popular pub The Old Success gives another eating option, and a handful of cafes and souvenir shops provide the refreshments here. There is also the inevitable surf shop as well as a surf school and hire for those that want to venture into the waters. The Roundhouse and Capstain Gallery have been restored, no longer do they winch boats up the beach, this is now done by an electric rather than man powered winch. Instead, the buildings now house paintings, ceramics, photography and sculpture from local artists. A six storey curio shop keeps browsers busy, and together with the RNLI Lifeboat you have pretty much have everything you need.


The blue flag beach offers amazing end of day sunsets, and the spectacular surf and space along the sands mean there is plenty to enjoy if you stay here wandering along the foreshore or behind into the grassy hills which roll down to meet the perfect sands.  An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), legend says that King Arthur and seven Cornish chiefs fought and beat marauding Danes here. At the large rock known as Table Men they held a great feast to mark their victory and the kings will only return to meet here once again when the end of the world is upon us. 


You may not see King Arthur during your stay here then, but look out to sea for a good chance of porpoise and the locals put it, ”at Sennen Bay the Dolphins Play”.

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