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Lanlivery is probably what most people think of when they think of the little English village - with a mere 300 people in the wider parish this is a miniature slice of rural Cornwall, all congregated around the impressive church and the welcoming village inn. 

The Crown Inn, the heart of the village, is a former 12th century long house, with low beams, slate floors and open fires.  The pub serves good food and real ale that in summer you can take outside to their tranquil little beer garden. 

The pub was extended to house the stonemasons who built the admirable church of St Brevita, which is located just behind the pub.  They would have been there some time as the huge Church tower is over 100 feet high and one of the most striking in Cornwall, easy to aim at it when arriving on the Saints Way from miles away. John Betjeman even described it as "One of the great churches of Cornwall."

The adjacent village school is still open in its rather gothic looking school house, which has been in use for the last 100 years.

For those on the three-day Saints Way route, this is your last overnight stay just as it was for the drovers and their sheep and cattle in days gone by. A last place of safety before they dropped into the wilder Fowey valley to herd the livestock downriver to the ships in Fowey Harbour 8 miles distant. 

For an evening stroll, 10 minutes away is the Stone Clad Holy Well of St Bryvyth hidden in tiny wood. Lanlivery is definitely a place for an evening of gentle wandering around the village, peace and rest before you re-enter the bustle of the harbour at Fowey at the end of your journey.


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