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Section 7 (optional) The Wells to Glastonbury Pilgrimage

11.5 miles Easy Grade Walking with three moderate ascents - What these grades mean

Two Tips for visiting Glastonbury…


One - There is no better way to arrive then by climbing over the lonely and dramatic Glastonbury Tor and pausing to drink in the views, before descending into the mystical mayhem of the town that clusters at the foot of the Tor.


Two -  If you are going to arrive via the Tor, then the best way to do it is by using your own two feet, following your own personal pilgrimage from Wells Cathedral to the holy ruins of Glastonbury Abbey. Walking in from Wells, you avoid the day-trippers by sneaking up to the Tor from the East, appropriately hobbit-like on a “back door” route through a swathe of hidden, rural Somerset.


For more information on this and other things to do in Somerset, Click Here and then select the "Somerset" filter at the top of the page.

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