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Day 6 - Looe to Jamaica Inn - The Smugglers Way

Distance - 20 miles (or can be split into 2 days)  Grade - Generally Moderate Walking Grade but strenuous on the open moor - What these grades mean

Today is longest day today, but with steady walking and climbing throughout. You start your return crossing of Cornwall up the lush and serene West Looe Valley, where otters, deer, bubbling rivers and forest tracks lead you on a long lost journey towards desolate Bodmin Moor, reacquainting a very different youthful and gushing Fowey River on the route.

Once up on the open moorland watchful route finding will lead you to an aged drover’s route over the summit of Brown Gelly Tor and then around dark and foreboding Dozmary Pool - scene of the death of King Arthur where Excalibur was hurled into the murky depths. Another mile or two across the moor and the welcome sight of Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn appears, an isolated and desolate spot perfectly located for your overnight stay on Cornwall’s wildest moor.

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Overnight stops at wild Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn in Bolventor

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